Monday, May 7, 2012

Enchanted Polish Fun Dip and Dragon Spit

Indie nail polishes are the biggest thing in nail polish right now.  A lot of the independent sellers who are on Etsy make a glitter polishes.  To be honest, I'm not such a huge fan of a lot of the glitter polishes.  They're okay, and sometimes I do like them, like Oh Yes I Did by Laquistry and Floam from Nail-venturous.  But for the most part I don't drool over them.  

But I HAVE been drooling over a lot of linear holographic polishes.  I had one in my collection - Sally Hansen Magical in Copper Cauldron, which I love.  I came across Enchanted Polish on one of the blogs I read and I knew I had to have it!  I was lucky enough to be using my computer last time she put her store back online, and I got Fun Dip and Dragon Spit.  These are the most expensive polishes I own, I think they were around $12?  Totally worth it.

Here they are in the bottle - so pretty!

Fun dip on it's own, in indirect sunlight.

The first set of photos are in indirect sunlight.  You can see the color of Fun Dip is actually a light kind of lilac purple.   Indoors, the purple really comes out.  I just couldn't wait to see both polishes, so I did an accent nail with Dragon Spit.  The holo is not quite as noticeable in it, but it's still pretty.

And now for some photos that really show how much these polishes shine - outside in direct sunlight.  Look at that gorgeous linear holo!

I LOVE these polishes, they are amazing!  I am totally contemplating getting my hands on some Spectraflair and trying to make my own holo polishes at some point... I've never even done a Franken, but it seems inevitable sometimes.  I will definitely buy from Enchanted Polish again - Ocean Potion is gorgeous and I think I need to have it!

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