Friday, April 27, 2012

Blue Water Marble

I recently did my second water marble, and I tried out some blues!  This time I got some distilled water to use instead of the bottled water, and I felt like it made a huge difference with getting the polishes to spread better.  I have had a lot of trouble getting those nice loopy shapes that show up in most water marbles, and I had a better time this time.  Here it is!

My thumbs turned out two of my favorites, nice loopies!  But I still wasn't getting as many rings of color as I would have liked, so the sections of color are thicker than I would have liked.

For the base, I used Ulta Bam-blue-zled. The colors I used for the marble were Bam-blue-zled, Pure Ice Oh, Baby!, Pure Ice All Night Long, Ulta Dance Teal Dawn, and Ulta Alter Ego.

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