Sunday, February 5, 2012

Glitter French

I'll be getting new manis up soon with photos taken with a REAL camera, but in the meantime I'll keep putting up some of my old manis that I've done.  This is one of my recent favorites.  I FINALLY got my nails into the shape I really wanted.  Of course, less than a day after I took this photo, one broke and I had to cut them.  I'm not sure how people maintain square nails without having acrylics.  Part of me thinks sometimes about getting shortish acrylics so I could have that pretty square shape, but I don't know if I want to pay to maintain them.

This French manicure was done with a topcoat of Ulta After Party, a clear base with silver and red sparkles.  I love to do this instead of a plain French.  Lovely and clean, but with a little glitz!

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