Friday, February 17, 2012

Roman Opulence French

I have been interested in matte nail polishes since I saw a photo of a French manicure with matte black polish and glossy black tips.  I've kept my eye out for matte finishes since they're not available in regular stores all that often.  I have Essie's Matte About You topcoat, but there's just something about a polish that dries matte on it's own that's fun to me.

For today's nailsI used Revlon Ruby Ribbon Matte Suede with China Glaze Swing Baby tips.

Please excuse my messy cuticles, I applied the polish in a funky way, put on the gold first then taped off the tips and put on the red.  I don't usually do tips that way, but this is a pretty deep red and I was a little concerned about staining.  They look nicer from a little further away!

This manicure is really rich looking.  It reminds me of Ancient Rome - grapes, wine, golden wreathes and opulence.  I really like the suede finish, and I love this China Glaze polish.  It's gold, but it leans a little more bronzey than yellow.  

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