Thursday, March 15, 2012

Acrylic Comparison

After getting my nails filled and re-shaped, I have been about 100 times happier with the way they look.  I decided to post a comparison, especially for anyone living in Bellingham, WA who might be looking to have their nails done.  The first set I got at Beauty Nails in the Bellis Fair Mall.  I was not completely happy with them from the start, and I also noticed that my fingers were VERY sore after having them applied.  They stayed sore all around my nails for almost 24 hours.  I did not like how thick and round the nails looked, and  even though one friend told me they didn't look that thick, I was not happy.

When it came time to get them filled, I went to Happy Nails over by Sehome on the recommendation of several friends.  Oh my gosh.  They did an amazing job.  They were a bit more (really, maybe $5 more), but it was worth it.  Not only did she give me the square shape I wanted, but after she put on the acrylic she used the drill to file them down so they were not anywhere close to the thickness they'd given me at the other place.  They look 50 times more natural, and I love them.

I will not go back to Beauty Nails in the mall again, and Happy Nails has a loyal customer now!

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