Friday, March 2, 2012

Patchwork Mani

One of my favorite nail blogs is Chloe's Nails.  She does a lot of manicures that inspire me, and are not super, super hard to replicate.  My current manicure is inspired by her Patchwork Mani, and she's got a tutorial posted here.   You can also look at the patchwork mani label on her blog for a bunch of really cool color ideas.  

Mine never looks as good as hers always do - she gets amazing clean lines.  But, it was also my first time trying this particular design, so I'm trying to cut myself some slack. 

I recently picked up China Glaze For Audrey, and I've been wanting to try it out.  I put that on as my first coat and actually took photos of it by itself because it's so pretty, so I'll have those up sometime soon.  I matched it with Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet and Sally Hansen Moonstone Chrome for a little pop.

I have to say, I am LOVING the Seche Vite I bought.  It comes in really handy for doing nails at night and not having them get wrecked while I'm sleeping, and also for doing layering because your layers dry a ton faster with it.

My cuticles look a little funky because I've got growout, and I was going to go get a fill today but plans got changed and now I won't be able to do it until Tuesday.  It will be 3 full weeks at that point - too long!  

I will definitely be trying this again - it is a nice one to use for holidays, different greens for St. Patrick's Day etc.  

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