Monday, March 19, 2012

Wish List

I have tons of polishes I am drooling over at Pinterest and on my Amazon wish list, and they just keep getting fuller.  Right now, these are the ones I would most love to get my hands on.

Image Source: Beautopia
Zoya Ki.  Just look at that gorgeous duochrome color!  It reminds me of those oil puddles on the ground that always look so pretty, or of peacock tones.

Image Source: Chloe's Nails
I've been wanting some magnetic polish for a while, but what I really like about the China Glaze Magnetix is the differently shaped magnets.  Specifically, I am totally in love with the star pattern!  This color is Cling On and I love it.

Deborah Lippman makes some pretty fabulous polishes, and this was one of the first ones I ever laid eyes on.  It's called Across the Universe and it is basically 'my' colors - my very favorite blues.  I don't have many glitter polishes, they're not totally my thing, but every once in a while I see one that I know I'd love.

These are just some dotting tools - it's one thing I don't have that would let me do more fun stuff.  I also want some stamping plates, but don't have any particular ones that I'm really coveting right now.

Image Source: Goose's Glitter
This is another glitter polish.  There are tons of stores on Etsy that seem to have homemade glitter polishes - these people are doing crazy sales because these polishes are so popular.  This one is Oh Yes I Did from Laquistry.  Like I said before, I am not a huge fan of a lot of these polishes that are completely saturated with glitter.  But I really love the color combo in this one, it is a little bit more unique.

Image Source: Let Them Have Polish
This gorgeous one is Fantasy Fire from Max Factor.  I LOVE this color combo because it's unusual, and look at the way the glitter just glows.  It really looks like burning embers.  These sell for around $30-35 on Ebay, so it's not likely I'll add it to my collection any time soon.

Image Source: Let Them Have Polish
This is Get It On 'Em, one of the polishes in OPI's Nicki Minaj collection.  I don't know what it is about this color.  Sometimes I look at it and think it's hideous, but I'm strangely drawn to it, and I think I need to have it.  I think it would look really great under a black crackle, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear it on it's own.

Image Source:  Let Them Have Polish
Honestly, there are tons of Zoya polishes I'd love to own.  They make great, solid colors that are a nice addition to a collection.  We have an Ed Wyse in town and I went for the first time the other day, their selection of OPI and Zoya polishes is insane.  The beautiful teal cream above is Bevin, and the green below is Shawn.  It looks in the photo above like Bevin comes out a little matte, but it's also gorgeous with a shiny top coat.  I love Shawn for it's pure green-ness, one of my favorite colors in nature.

Image Source: Let Them Have Polish

Image Source: Polish Mayhem
I have been interested in matte polishes lately, and Orly Purple Velvet is just one of the ones on my list.

These last three are the ones I want the most, I just drool over them.

Image Source: Scrangie
I have one Holographic polish, it's from the Sally Hansen Magical collection from a few years ago that's been discontinued for a long time.  I REALLY want to add some true holos to my collection, and just look at how absolutely amazing this Gosh silver holo is!  It is amazing.

Image Source: Chloe's Nails

So, this is actually two polishes, but I love the combo so much!  This is a manicure the Chloe did over at Chloe's Nails.  The top coat is the one I want most, it's Teal Scales from Funky Fingers.  Just look at that!  I have never seen a crackle that looked so pretty.  It's layered over China Glaze Flying Dragon, and I just think the combo is to die for.

And this is one of my biggest lemmings right now - the China Glaze Capital Colours collection.  This is the official ad, but these colors are way more amazing when you see them actually on nails.  You can see them all actually swatched over at Vampy Varnish - but be prepared to fall in love with them!  She has a giveaway going for the ENTIRE COLLECTION that ends today, and if I won it... I would be beyond ecstatic!

What's on your wish list?

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