Wednesday, March 7, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colours Mani + Bonus Haul

I have been coveting just about every polish in the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection since I found out about them (you can see amazing swatches of all the colors at Vampy Varnish).  I seriously want to own all of them, but the three I've most had my eye on are Riveting, Agro & Stone Cold.  When I was walking at the mall with Danny yesterday I noticed a display in Hot Topic - the colors had arrived!  I didn't buy there because they're $1-2 more than at Sally Beauty Supply, so today I stopped by there to see if they had them in.  They only had a few - but they did have Agro & Riveting!  I also picked up Luxe & Lush.  I may stop back at Hot Topic later this week to see, I think they did have Stone Cold in, and that one is so unique I really want to get my hands on it.

When I got home, I was trying to decide what to do and I was thinking about a mani I'd seen in the last few days with a stripe pattern.  I first saw a design like this a couple of months ago at Nailside, and I'd tried it once before.  My first thought was to do Riveting under black, but then I started looking at my swatches of Riveting & Agro together and decided to do a full on Hunger Games mani!

One of the things I was dying to try with Riveting was a matte topcoat.  Sam at Fashion Polish featured this the other day and it was so gorgeous!  I decided to top this mani off with Essie Matte About You and... wow.  I LOVE it!  I feel like it's muted and a little gritty and beautiful and perfect to go with The Hunger Games.

I also went and had my nails filled today and re-shaped.  They're shorter than they were before, and I went to a different salon on the recommendation of a few friends.  I am so much happier with them - she spent a lot of time on the detail, filing them down after she'd put the acrylic on and making it so that they were not thick and bulky.  She also gave me the square shape I wanted.  From now on, I'll be going to Happy Nails!  It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it for the quality!

I also stopped at Rite Aid today just to browse, and came across a heck of a deal.  This is my haul:

I got all of these for under $7!  They were all 75% off.  I'd looked at the Sally Hansen HD polishes before, but I hadn't wanted to spend the money.  Well, for under $2 each I decided how could I not?  I picked up the other two on a whim because they were super cheap - I think the Wet N Wild one only came out to around 25 cents.  Usually when the polishes are so discounted I have no interest in the colors, so this was a fun find!

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